MapServer: MapManager editor for map files.

MapServer is a powerful WMS server. However the configuration of vector data can be difficult
for those without time or experience.

This is where tools such as MapManager come in.

They provide a simple editor that allows you to create a MapServer map interactively.

The downside is that tutorials are non-existent and you still need to know too much.

I have created a top level shapefile layer:

I am using OSM shapefile data (OSM data can’t be used directly).

I am now essentially ‘subclassing’ the ‘fclass’ attribute for each unique value (MapManagers
equivalent is Theme's).

Right mouse on ‘Land Use’ allows you to create a new class.
So for ‘park’ the class setup is as follows:

The trick to the subclassing is the expression line:

("[fclass]" eq "park")

This equates to the following in the map file:

EXPRESSION ("[fclass]" eq "park")

You can find out what attributes exist in a shapefile using the following command:

D:\Users\damian\Downloads\west-sussex-latest-free.shp>ogrinfo -so -al gis.osm_landuse_a_free_1.shp
INFO: Open of `gis.osm_landuse_a_free_1.shp'
     using driver `ESRI Shapefile' successful.

Layer name: gis.osm_landuse_a_free_1
Geometry: Polygon
Feature Count: 11978
Extent: (-0.958257, 50.722778) - (0.048514, 51.187845)
Layer SRS WKT:
osm_id: String (10.0)
code: Integer (4.0)
fclass: String (20.0)

name: String (100.0)