VMWare Workstation bridge connection not working

I attempted to follow all the usual posts on the internet when this one happened however none of the proposed/usual solutions worked.

In the end I checked the properties on each of the VM network connections and found that some of them had the 'VMWare Bridge Protocol' un-ticked. Turning this protocol on for all VM network connections and restarting the guest OS resulted in the network working.

Note: VMnet0 does not exist in my installation of Workstation 12.5 on Windows 10.



Well re-installing worked for a couple of days. So I tried to re-install again. No Luck.

What I have found is that bridging only works with the Ethernet cable plugged in. Very odd.

The Wireless Device is:  'Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168' device.

This is a pain because I need to run VM's at client sites. Lucky for me I have a small wireless extender than I can plug an Ethernet cable into (GL.iNet GL-AR300M)