Visual Assist can be a disk hog

I Just ran out of disk space on my SSD.

You can find out where all your disk space has vanished using:

Couple of large uses were indicated:

  • Driver Store;
  • Package Store.

Too late to do anything about Package Store unless I reinstall everything from scratch after editing the registry. Might as well reinstall Windows 10 at that point as well and shift the User directories as well.

To deal with the Driver Store use:

However the biggest hog of space was under the Visual Studio 2015 AppData directory (current version I am using in anger).

For some reason a load of temporary .pch files are being generated. 39GB in total in a location I was not expecting as I had shifted the temporary directory to the large internal spin disk.

The location is:

  • C:\Users\damian\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\Extensions\3wygscjs.uar\Data\vs14_1\Temp

This appears to be connected with Visual Assist from Whole Tomato:

The location of the user data can be moved using the instructions on the following web-page: