Converter programs for: CADRG, CIB, ECRG, GeoTIFF, RDTED

I've written software in the past to create CADRG/CIB and RDTED when I worked at Envitia on MapLink Pro. After I left Envitia I wrote a GeoTIFF exporter for a customer that needed to deploy GIS data to a MapServer instance.

CADRG/CIB is not particularly straight forward. The compression is non-standard and highly lossey. This is designed for display of 8bit imagery in a fast way.

ECRG is just a variation on CADRG but with JPEG2000 compression and an XML Table of Contents file. ECRG is a natural progression from CADRG/CIB and is for 24bit imagery.

Both ECRG and CADRG/CIB are Raster Product Formats (RPF) products which are wrapped in NITF.

GeoTIFF in comparison is straightforward.

If you require a tool that converts from common GIS formats to one of the following please contact me (damian.dixon at to discuss costs:

  • ECRG
  • GeoTIFF
The easiest support is for formats that are supported out of the box. For other formats there will be a Non-Recurring engineering cost.

For CADRG/CIB/ECRG/RDTED there will be at least 2 to 3 month lead time depending upon my availability. Once one of these formats is supported the lead time for each format will drop.


  • CADRG - Compressed ARC Digitised Raster Graphics.
  • CIB - Controlled Image Base
  • ECRG - Enhanced Compressed ARC Raster 
  • RPF - Raster Product Format
  • NITF  - National Imagery Transfer Format
  • RDTED - DTED stored in NITF/RPF format.

Controlled Image Base and CIB are registered trademarks of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, United States Department of Defense